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if there's any legal implications involved in this, then, like,

...i invented live 8...,

you see. this is not actually a lie.
we were in the recording studio recording our album,
which you should all buy, by the way, because it's a brilliant album.

ryan jarman on never mind
the buzzcocks

i'm alright me

"i'm a realist, i'm a romantic, i'm an indecisive piece of shit"

"you aren't allowed to say that you're better
you aren't allowed to say that cos you're the hipster type"

"how hard can it be
to get a slap on the back from a room full of morons?"

"take drugs, don't eat, have contempt for those you meet
take drugs, don't sleep, have contempt for those you meet"

"leave me alone, i'm just your enemy,
i've seen it all, i've seen your jealousy"
------------------------------------------------------------------------ "i can be emotional, jesus, i cried like a child at the end of terminator II"

^^simon peggs weise worte aus spaced

wrong way to be

"they’ve usually just got bigger mouths"

"thanks for raping my brother."

tim (on soccer AM):
"have you ever been into football at all? ever played it?"

"well, we were made to play it at school and stuff but like, what happened were, i was playing it games. i got ill so they'd stopped me doing erm, games for like, a year, and in some kind of weird sexist move they put me in with the girls' game group for the next year. yeah, but while they were like, running around in't cold and that, playing football, i were doing trampolining indoors. so I were well happy about it."

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ryan: (about their rock'n'roll riot tour)
"i noticed a bottle of champagne on the rider, for one of maximo park's birthday. but i didn't realise so i drank it all before going onstage, and a few songs in, kicked the bottle in gary's face. it was just above his eye. he was pissing blood, man. the doctors said that if it were an inch closer then it would have killed him. so not only did i almost kill the cunt, but i also ruined maximo park's birthday. not a good night."

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ryan: (about t in the park 2004)
"that was at t in the park. it was the first time we'd ever played a festival and we were the first band on, so we started drinking at the crack of dawn so that we wouldn't be nervous. the gig went well, but it gradually descended into us doing handstands and cartwheels! i've seen photos and it looks pretty graceful, but i'm sure it wasn't."
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music: kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat
mood: geilo geilo geilo geilo geilo geilo

 so, die frage ist, wo und wie soll ich anfangen?
um ehrlich zu sein habe ich keinen bock jedes einzelne konzi zu kommentieren.

die ganze european (ok außer skandinavien) tour war einfach nur geil. das brutalste konzert war berlin, das mit langweiligsten crowd in winterthur, das interessanteste OFFENBACH (diverse gründe, danke an einen gewissen keyboarder ), das lustigste was aufjedenfall WIEN. also der halloween gig. OMG dani und ich haben uns totgelacht. die hässlichste stadt war leipzig, die geilste stadt war amsterdam (diverse geile straßennamen wie z.b. very camp straat oder fokker simon straat) und die sauberste stadt war antwerpen. das geilste queuen hatten wir in bremen und die restlichen konzis waren auch geil. ich liebe den neuen song. den höre ich mir jetzt bis zum erbrechen an.

die chiefs hatten dieses mal 2 support bands. jakobinarina waren geil (ja ronja, ich fand die geil, diverse gründe :P) aber dafür waren SILVERSUN PICKUPS total nervtötent. ok die ersten 2x gings ja noch. aber in antwerpen beim 11ten konzi konnte ich nicht mehr. boah sind die scheiße.

ja, ich habe 4 konzis mit drangehangen, und zwar:
bremen 12.11.07
amsterdam 14.11.07
amsterdam 15.11.07
antwerpen 16.11.07

aber es hat sich alles gelohnt. insgesamt 2 plektren, 4 setlists, 2 1/2 drumsticks abgestaubt. hehehe und die 2 1/2 persönlich bekommen.

so, genug gelabert, bilder sind irgendwo online :P


22.11.07 12:43

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